Zion United Church of Christ in Tremont
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 Zion UCC maintains a hot meal program every Saturday evening, starting about 4:30 until 5:30, and a once a month food pantry where individuals and families can come to obtain totally free food just like in a regular grocery store. Rather than just hand out a bag of preselected foodstuffs, Zion uses a method called Client Choice, where once the size of the family is established through a registration process, the people may select their own preferences for canned goods, frozen meats, personal hygiene items, and baby care items. Not all items are always available, but are obtained when possible from the Cleveland Foodbank, which purveys food to the pantry. Zion is one of the very few pantries that offers frozen foods, and for the 5 years it has been in operation, has been able to always offer frozen meats. Zion is also one of the very few pantries that is able to say that they have never run out of food to distribute. Nearly 99 percent of the food is obtained from the Foodbank and is in conjunction with USDA.
 Keep in mind that it takes 1,000-2,500 pounds of food to keep such programs running each and every month. For the pantry alone, Zion is mandated by the USDA (and thereby the Foodbank) to provide pantry food for 3 meals for 3 days per individual, a rule that serves everyone, whether they are part of a family structure, or single, to receive enough for a total of 9 meals. Meals and pantry are not just available at the times already written about, but in case of emergencies Zion stocks food that can be given out any other day of the week.
 We hope that you will visit Zion for a meal, or just stop by to chat a bit. Volunteers and donations are ALWAYS welcome. We are proud of what we do, and feel we do it WELL. 

 The Food Pantry is the FOURTH Saturday of each month, from 2:00 - 4:00pm (with exceptions). The Pantry is run in partnership with Christ Church of Columbia Station, Ohio.

 The free meal is served every Saturday from 4:30 - 5:30pm (with exceptions). Volunteers frequently arrive from West Park UCC, Strongsville UCC, Medina UCC, West Side Anglican, and Olmsted Falls Community Church.

 WE CAN ALWAYS USE MORE HELP!! If you wish to volunteer your services for either (or both) events, please contact the church. 
Feed The Need
 The principal engine that drives the church's spiritual life is an evangelistic outreach. Community Outreach defines a church, sets it apart and follows the doctrine of Jesus Christ. If a church does not care about peoples' needs, why should it care about peoples' eternal destiny? If it exists not for meeting a community's needs, both spiritually and physically, but for only meeting its own needs. That's a club, NOT a church. We are Zion United Church of Christ in Tremont.
Several photographs for this page graciously provided by Mr. Jim McClintock.