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About The Clergy
 What can one say about Zion that hasn't already been said? 

 Lots and lots, as almost each day brings something new. In their zeal and quest to heed the Gospel's call, Zion serves well over 100 people for their free Saturday night dinners. Not content to do as most other sites (who usually serve once a month), Zion serves this meal each and every week. The meals usually consist of a main meat dish, potatoes or macaroni dish, vegetable, salad, rolls and butter and desert, as well as coffee, tea and cold drinks. Several people toil most of Saturdays from about noon on to put this meal on the tables, and then to clean up afterward. Zion could not have done all this strictly on their own, but through the generosity and guidance of the Cleveland Food Bank and its staff. 
 Each and every person on Zion's roles have a part somewhere, somehow in these endeavors - even shut-ins, who do such things as slicing up many many pounds of onions and various other vegetables and fruits, or baking deserts and sending them on to the kitchen.

 And yes, we have done some things "just for us!!" Members and friends have completely renovated the entire sanctuary and it is quickly becoming known as a "show piece." The best reward for all THIS hard labor was hearing one 80 yr.-plus member who, looking around and with tears running down her cheeks, saying "I never thought I'd see it like this again in my lifetime." God is truly alive and proud at Zion. Won't you join us?

Interested in learning more?

 Scott Rosenstein was born and raised in Miami, Florida, the son of a physician and a high school English teacher. Scott graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Government from Florida International University, Miami, in 1979, and earned a Master of Divinity degree from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Following seminary graduation, he was ordained as clergy in the United Church in 1984 in SW Wisconsin.

 Scott served churches in Wisconsin, western Pennsylvania, and in Euclid and Bedford, Ohio. He served as pastor of Zion United Church of Christ of Tremont from September, 1995 through January, 2002.

 Scott is employed as a Community Organizer with Tremont West Development Corporation since 2002, working with residents and neighborhood block clubs on quality of life issues and leadership identification and nurture. He is also the Manager of Tremont's annual Arts and Cultural Festival held each September in Cleveland's Lincoln Park.

 Scott enjoys gardening and reading, spending time with neighbors and friends, attending community events, and dining at Tremont's wonderful, independent restaurants. His son, Jordan, and daughter-in-law, Kara, live in Rochester, Minnesota. Scott and his partner, Bob Bucklew, have lived in the Tremont neighborhood for 13 years, and have shared their home with wonderful cats and dogs, including, most recently, Caleb, a playful and adventurous Cairn Terrier.

  Please come listen to Scott preach...